Feedback & Complaints

Your feedback is important to us.

We welcome feedback and complaints as an opportunity to improve our service.


We welcome feedback, whether positive or negative, as an opportunity to improve our service, guide staff and volunteer training, and improve our policies.  

If you want to comment about your experience but do not require a formal investigation into the matter, please provide feedback.

You can tell your feedback directly to a staff member, manager, or director. Or, you can complete our online feedback survey here.

If you wish to lodge a formal complaint, please see the “Complaints” section below.


You may lodge a formal complaint if you want your concern about our service to be investigated and a decision made on an outcome.  We take complaints seriously. We try to deal with them in a way that is simple, fair and transparent.

A complaint will be investigated by a manager, HUB’s director or HUB’s Management Committee.

To make a formal complaint about any aspect of HUB Community Legal, you can make it:

In person:          with the relevant staff member or Director

By phone on:     (07) 3372-7677

By post to:         PO Box 122, Inala 4077

By email to:

By completing the online complaints form:  here

Upon receiving a complaint, the Director or Manager investigating will:

  1. Document your complaint in a brief, written summary and make sure it sums up your concerns;
  2. Investigate the complaint and speak to the people involved to get their response and consider their perspective;
  3. Consider what outcomes or actions are required;
  4. Let you know the outcome and who else you can complain to if you are not satisfied.

You should allow 30 days to receive a notice of the outcome of your complaint. A record is kept of all complaints. However, information regarding your complaint will be kept private to those involved in the complaint and its resolution.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can request a review of your complaint by writing to:  President of the Management Committee, HUB Community Projects, PO Box 122, Inala QLD 4077

If you wish to complain to an external body, you may contact:  

  1. The CLC Program Manager, Legal Aid Queensland, 44 Hershel Street, Brisbane QLD 4000 or by phone on 1300 65 188, or
  2. Legal Services Commission, or by phone on 1300 655 754.
  3. Customer Service Officer, Department of Communities, GPO Box 806, Brisbane QLD 4001
  4. Office of the Australian Information Commission at